Why Membership?

Membership is formal commitment into the local body of Christ (Rom 12:4-18; 1 Cor 12; Acts 2:36-47). We encourage formal commitment so that the body of Christ at the local Church level can function sacrificially (Rom 12:1-3), structurally (Rom 12:4-5), and spiritually (Rom 12:6-8). Membership allows the Shepherds of the Church to identify who they are accountable to for service and meeting needs. 

Membership is a matter of edifying the local body through our spiritual relationships. In considering the kinds of relationships that God calls believers to have within the church, it is essential to realize that every member of the body of Christ is called to full-time Christian ministry.  Not all have been called to pastor in a church, but all possess God-given ministry responsibilities in the body of Christ.  At the human level, these ministerial mandates chiefly concern the relationships between believers.  Specifically, these take the form of living out the “one-another” passages in Scripture and exercising spiritual giftedness.

God makes it clear throughout the New Testament that fellowship is of the utmost importance and Believers are exhorted through the one another’s (Rom 12:13; Heb 10:24; John 13:34-35, etc.)

In addition to practicing these exhortations within the body of Christ, all believers are also to be faithful stewards of their God-given ministry by exercising their spiritual giftedness (1 Peter 4:10).  It is imperative that every member of the body of Christ diligently exercise his giftedness to the glory of God (1 Peter 4:10-11) and the edification of the body of Christ.