Women’s Ministry at Faith Bible Church is a ministry that operates under the instruction and support of the leadership of our church. We follow the vision and Philosophy of Ministry of our pastors and elders, submitting to them as they shepherd the Church under the authority of the Word of God.

Women’s Ministry exists to encourage, strengthen and help women to grow in maturity and Christ-likeness through weekly prayer, studies and practical application of Scripture, providing meaningful Christ-centered discussions, relationships and accountability.

During the year we offer opportunities for women to find one-on-one mentorship and counseling, explore their gifts in serving one another, the church and our community, and to learn how to glorify God with a fruitful life.

Our Ministry Goals:

1- Spiritual Growth through prayer and teaching (Tit 2)

2- Support & Encouragement through fellowship and mentorship (Rom 12:8; 2 Cor 1:1-11)

3- Service & Outreach through hospitality and evangelism (Matt 28:18-20; Eph 4:12; Rom 12:8, 13)

Ministry Gatherings

Weekly Study: Mornings-Wednesdays 9am to 11am / Evenings- TBD

Special events: We plan get-togethers and special events to provide support and fellowship to women in different stages of their lives, such as Summer Play Days, Brunches and more.

For those with any questions, prayer requests, interest in joining our ministry, or desire to be matched with a mentor, please contact Ana Luiza Lupinetti at: analuiza.lupinetti@gmail.com or Alicia Elie at: alicia.elie@gmail.com.